Styrosol polystyrene specialists

Styrosol is a polystyrene specialist. We “CNC Cut” polystyrene products solutions to the building industry such as cornices profiles and packaging solutions that include sheet packaging and profile packaging, and artistic solutions that incorporate polystyrene displays and signs.

Styrosol also specializes in scrapbooking, mosaic and party and hiring solutions. 

We have a state of the art 620 sq m factory that produces a wide diversified range of polystyrene related products. We have a well qualified and experienced staff and a quality management system developed over many years that can produce winning solutions every time. 

Styrosol specialises in creative solutions, whether in the cutting products and cornices for the building industry, our packaging solutions or our scrapbooking and party and hire services.

We can customise all our products and services and work close with clients from planning to conception and final delivery. 

We have a quest for excellence in all we do.

Styrosol was established in 2003. Our quality products and services, innovative approach and commitment to client satisfaction have earned us a loyal and growing client base. 

We are a BEE compliant enterprise with a Level Three contribution rating.