Polystyrene Products

Styrosol supplies polystyrene products to the South African market.

We specialize in CNC profile cutting for all industries to customer specifications.

Our total products and solutions portfolio includes: 
 Polystyrene blocks 
 Polystyrene sheets 
 Polystyrene balls/beads 
 Polystyrene insulation 
 Polystyrene boxes 
 Polystyrene profiles 
 Polystyrene packaging 
 Polystyrene cornice 
 Polystyrene building profiles 
 Polystyrene packaging profiles 
 Polystyrene Void Formers 
 Polystyrene displays 
 Polystyrene numbers/letters. 

Styrosol provides artistic Polystyrene solutions and profile cutting solutions to the building Industry. We design, manufacture and install Polystyrene building solutions. 

These include:
Polystyrene Cornice    You can have your own cornice design which we will customize manufacture for you, OR
You may choose from our standard range of 68 cornice designs.
We offer smooth and textured finishes.
We can enlarge or reduce specific profiles as per your requirements.
Cornice installation    
We have professional teams that will take care of all your installation needs. 

Polystyrene profiles    
Standard arch and flat arch design.
Lightweight and accurate.
Never again will you have to manufacture a profile on site. 

Polystyrene Corbels    
Easy installation for under roof around your home. 
These are lightweight and we can also coat these against extreme weather conditions. 

Styrosol specializes in solutions for the packaging industry.
Our packaging clients include commercial, industrial and small and medium enterprises (SME's). Apart from standard type sheet packaging in all sizes and thickness we also specialize in profile packaging.
Our state of the art CNC equipment enables us to design packaging solutions around your products.
This ensures that your products arrive at their destination without being damaged.

Call us for your artistic requirements. We design and supply:
 Polystyrene Numbers 
 Polystyrene Lettering 
 Polystyrene displays 
 Polystyrene logo's 
 2D Polystyrene models 
 Polystyrene signs 
 Themed characters